Dear client, welcome to my therapeutic practice!

I am a registered psychologist in private practice in Ontario, Canada.

I’m here to serve you over convenient, confidential and virus-free video-conferencing. I am committed to reduce exposure and stop the spread of COVID-19. I have shifted all in-office appointments to phone/video therapy in an effort to support social distancing while also ensuring the continuity of your care. I continue accepting new clients (adults only) for individual psychotherapy.

Due to the Coronavirus, now more than ever people are facing stress, anxiety and feel overwhelmed. It is a perfect time to reach out for help and learn to cope with current crisis. I would like to help you to get back on track. I can guide you and support you through these challenging times.

I am dedicated and committed to the enhancement of well-being and growth of my clients by providing quality psychological services to individuals with a wide range of psychological problems.

I use evidence-based treatments to help my clients achieve their personal goals. My training and experience span a variety of theoretical approaches, and I focus on providing the assistance that fits best with an individual’s specific situation and needs. The focus of my practice is working with adults of all ages in individual psychotherapy.

Therapy is an interesting journey that can transform you and lead to a positive turning point in life.

Please call or email the office to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation.

Frequently Asked Question:

Are you a psychologist or a psychotherapist and what is the difference? I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist.
There are several crucial differences between a psychologist and a psychotherapist.

Main focus: psychotherapy and treatment of emotional and mental difficulties. In addition, psychologists are trained and qualified to conduct psychological testing and diagnostic assessment of a person’s mental state.
Education: PhD (Doctorate) or PsyD. School (8-9 years), internship (1-2 years), and supervised practice (1-2 years).

Main focus: psychotherapy – treatment of emotional and mental difficulties.
Education: BA (Bachelors) – 3 years including clinical work.

Main focus: they spend much of their time on diagnosing mental illness, prescribing and managing medications.
Education: they attend medical school. They are trained in general medicine and receive clinical training in psychiatry.

If you are in a crisis or any other person may be in danger, please do not try to contact me. You can call ‘911’ or visit your nearest hospital emergency room.